Coach Eric Lichter

Eric Lichter for Bioforce
“Bio Force helps me remain strong and FIT and challenges me to be a champion every day! WHAT FORCE IS MOVING YOU?”

Head Coach - Eric Lichter


  • Dedicated Husband to Annemarie & Father of 4 (Tyler, Ava, Tj & Arielle)
  • B.S. Exercise Physiology – Weber State University
  • Entrepreneur – Motivational Speaker and Business Life Coach
  • Noted performance trainer and professional strength and conditioning coach
  • Former Director of Football Performance at The Ohio State University
  • Teams under his training
    • Won 5 Big Ten Championships
    • Won the ’10 Rose Bowl, ’11 Sugar Bowl
  • Former trainer to over 20, 1st round NFL and NBA draft picks
  • Former trainer to two Heisman Trophy winners
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist – NSCA
  • Certified personal trainer – NASM
  • Trainer to the Trainers