Bio Force® Exercises

Sport Specific Strength Training

Football is a powerful game with a lot of explosive movements. Big and strong legs is the base to win the tackle or a sprint and be the first who is catching the ball after kick off. Squats will put more power and strength to your legs.

Exercise: Squats
START: Stand facing frame. Feet hip width apart on base. Grip handles at shoulders.
MOTION: Flex knees, hips and ankles. Lower until thighs are parallel to floor or slightly higher. Press up to starting position.
TIPS: Keep knees in line with toes. Center weight over arches, not toes or heels. Lift chest and keep back straight as hips lower. Keep head lifted and in line with spine. Contract abdominals to stabilize back.

Variation: Single Leg Squat
START: Stand facing frame. Split-leg stance with back heel lifted. Grip handles at shoulders.
MOTION: Flex knees, hips and ankles. Lower until front thigh is parallel to floor or slightly higher. Press up to starting position.
TIPS: Keep weight on front leg and front knee in line with toes. Align shoulders over hips. Lift chest and keep back straight while lowering. Contract
abdominals to stabilize back. Perform on both sides.

Muscular and movable shoulders are a important advantage during a baseball game To make a great Pitch you need strong shoulders. This exercise will put more power in your shoulder to increase your Pitch.

Exercise: Standing Front Raise
START: Stand facing away. Feet hip width apart on base. Grip handles with arms at sides, thumbs facing in.
MOTION: Raise arms in front of body. Pause at top of motion. Lower arms to starting position.
TIPS: Raise arms to nose level. Keep elbows almost straight. Maintain upright posture throughout exercise. Do not lean or tilt backward. Keep wrists straight while raising arms. Contract abdominals to stabilize torso.

Variation: Single Arm Front Raise
START: Stand facing away. Feet hip width apart on base. Grip one handle with arm at sides, thumb facing in.
MOTION: Raise arm in front of body. Pause at top of motion. Lower arm to starting position.
TIPS: Raise arm to nose level. Keep elbow almost straight. Maintain upright posture throughout exercise. Do not lean or tilt backward. Keep wrist straight while raising arm. Contract abdominals to stabilize torso. Perform on both sides.

Tennis combines speed and endurance. This technically challenging sport with rapid changes in direction demands all of the body’s muscles and is especially tough on the joints (ankles, shoulders, etc.). Systematic strength training on the Bio Force will strengthen your joints and counteract the strain playing tennis inflicts especially on your dominant side. This will improve your technique, increase your swing power and improve your stamina. Strengthening your muscles will also stabilize your joints to help you minimize injury. The Bio Force multi-gym is great for strengthening your shoulder girdle and improving core stability.

Exercise: Reverse butterfly for a strong backhand
Clip the pulley to a crossbar hook and stand perpendicular to the Bio Force with your feet at hip width. Grip the handle with your outside hand at bellybutton level. Tighten your core and guild your arm diagonally to shoulder level. Do not extend your arm fully. Briefly hold the tension and return your arm to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Clip the pulley to a lower hook. Pull the cable diagonally from below using both hands.

  • Weight:
    Set resistance so that you can properly perform 15 reps per side.
  • Sets:
    3 sets per side with a 1-minute rest between each.

Rowing requires a strong back and arms. Bio Force helps train your biceps, triceps, back and shoulder muscles to meet the demands of your sport and let you train at different angles. This will put more power and speed in your stroke and increase your rowing stamina.

Exercise: Single-arm rowing for powerful strokes
Clip the pulley to the crossbar and grip the handle with your outside hand. Keep your arm behind your back bent. Assume a firm stance at an angle in front of the Bio Force .Now tighten your arms and back and firmly pull the handle toward your chest. Then slowly return the handle to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Two-armed rowing with two handles, seated rowing with frontal pull (both hands on a handle).

  • Weight:
    Set resistance so that you can properly perform 15 reps per side.
  • Sets:
    3 sets per side with a 1-minute rest between each.

Basketball is an extremely athletic whole-body sport that demands performance from the extensor muscles in the legs and glutes, the arms and back. Bio Force will help you get all of these results. Cable exercises will increase your upper body stability – the key to your shot. Systematic strength training will refine your technique and boost your muscle stamina.

Exercise: Single Arm Overhead Triceps Extension for a powerful shot

START: Sit facing away. Grip one handle behind head. Point elbow front at shoulder height.
MOTION: Extend elbow and press handle overhead. Pause at top of motion. Bend elbow back to starting position.
TIPS: Keep elbow in start position throughout exercise. Do not open elbow to side. Maintain upright posture in seated position. Avoid tilting or rotating to one side while extending arm. Contract abdominals to stabilize torso. Perform on both sides.

Single Arm Triceps Kickback

START: Stand facing frame. Grip one handle in overhand grip with palm
facing down. Bend elbow 90 degrees. Lean forward slightly and place other hand on seat back.
MOTION: Extend elbow and pull handle down and back. Pause at end of motion. Bend elbow back to starting position.
TIPS: Keep arm close to side of body. Do not allow wrist to bend while pressing back. Maintain straight spine while leaning forward. Contract abdominals to stabilize torso. Perform on both sides.

  • Weight:
    Set resistance so that you can properly perform 15 reps per side.
  • Sets:
    3 sets per side with a 1-minute rest between each.

Bio Force will let you systematically train performing swimming-specific movements at different resistance levels so you can optimize your performance in the water and increase your stamina. At the same time, cable-based strength training will strengthen your core, thereby improving your form and reducing drag.

Exercise: Lat pull-downs with arms extended for a powerful front crawl stroke
Assume a stable stepping stance with your back to the Bio Force multi-gym and grip the lat bar overhand with both hands at head level. Keep your back straight and tilted slightly forward and your arms slightly bent. Now guide both arms straight down to your thighs in a controlled manner. Hold the position briefly and slowly raise your arms back to the starting point.

Perform the extension movement with your upper arms close to your body and bending only your forearms. Instead of using the lat bar, use one or two handles to simulate S-strokes.

  • Weight:
    Set resistance so that you can properly perform 15 reps per side.
  • Sets:
    3 sets per side with a 1-minute rest between each.

Even though soccer primarily demands leg strength, balanced strength training always involves the whole body. Strengthening the arm, shoulder, neck, back and chest muscles as well as legs and lower body is extremely important as muscular dysbalance caused by uneven straining of muscle groups can lead to chronic injuries. The Bio Force’s cable exercises are an excellent way to work all muscles needed for soccer, while strengthening your core so you can have the stability and agility the game demands.

Exercise: Oblique Crunch for stable core (=side kick)

START: Sit facing away. Grip handles at shoulder level. Elbows point front.
MOTION: Curl spine and simultaneously rotate torso toward one knee. Pause at end of motion. Return to starting position.
TIPS: Do not pull down with arms. Focus work in abdominal muscles. Extend torso to upright seated position after each repetition. Keep neck in line with spine. Perform on both sides.


Exercise: Ab Crunch

START: Sit facing away. Grip handles at shoulder level. Elbows point front.
MOTION: Curl spine, pulling bottom of ribcage down towrd hips. Pause at end of motion. Return to starting position.
TIPS: Do not pull down with arms. Focus work in abdominal muscles. Extend torso to upright seated position after each repetition. Keep neck in line with spine. Perform on both sides.

  • Weight:
    Set resistance so that you can properly perform 15 reps per side.
  • Sets:
    3 sets per side with a 1-minute rest between each.

Strength training on the Bio Force can improve your golf game by helping you build core stability and powerful and agile shoulder girdle. Cross-training on the Bio Force multi-gym will help keep you fit to take on the challenges of golf no matter what age. This will improve your technique, increase your driving distance, raise your muscle stamina and minimize injuries.

Exercise: Golf Swing
Clip the cable to a crossbar hook and grip the handle with both hands. Firmly position yourself sideways in front of the Bio Force with your upper body turned slightly toward the machine. Keeping your core firm, rotate your upper body away from the Bio Force while keeping your arms at shoulder level. Briefly hold this position and then slowly rotate back.

  • Weight:
    Set resistance so that you can properly perform 15 reps per side.
  • Sets:
    3 sets per side with a 1-minute rest between each.

Men Tips for

Tone your back and shoulders with Bio Force Home Gym.

Bio Force was designed for men to build strong arms, a broad chest and V-shaped torso. Cables let you target each muscle group and vary your training. By adjusting resistance and reps you can build muscle mass or increase your muscular endurance. We’ve assembled the best exercises for men.

Women Tips for

Tone your legs with Bio Force.

Bio Force multi-gym helps tone the entire body, build slender arms and legs and tighten glutes. The wide variety of cable exercises and high reps will help you sculpt each muscle and improve your stamina. We’ve assembled the best exercises for women.

Age specific Strength Training

There are many good reasons for young people to pursue regular strength and fitness training. Bio Force is the perfect choice for anyone looking to strength train. Its virtually unlimited selection of exercises (100+ different exercises) and compact design make this multi-gym the ideal all-around piece of equipment for the home.

Principle 1: Train regularly and give your muscles rest

Beginners, 2 to 3 training sessions per week are optimal. This allows your muscles to slowly adapt to the increased load and gives them sufficient time to recover between sessions. What many do not know is that muscles grow primarily during regenerative phases, which occur during the night or on rest days. Therefore, it is not good for beginners to start off with five or six training units per week. The body would be completely overstrained, with symptoms of overloading, fatigue and, in the worst case, injuries being the result.

It’s different for advanced athletes who already have some strength training experience (at least 6 months) under their belt. For these people, four, five or even six training units would not be a problem. Nevertheless, it’s still imperative to give the muscles appropriate rest when subjecting them to so much training. “Split training plans” were created just for this reason. With split training, muscles are divided into two or three groups and trained on separate days. While this intensive form of training is naturally time-consuming, it’s great for those with workout equipment at home, who can divide their training into short units and efficiently integrate it into their daily routine.

Principle 2: Vary exercises

Physical training should not only be performed regularly, but should also be highly varied above all. Meeting this requirement normally requires many different pieces of equipment. Thanks to its integrated cable-pulling system, your training options on the Bio Force multi-gym are virtually limitless. With way over 100 different exercises, allowing you to regularly change or vary your routine, you’ll never get bored with your training. When muscles are subjected to the same exercise again and again, they get used to the strain. This results in stagnant muscle growth and performance, referred to as plateauing, which can counteracted only through returning to a wide variety of exercises. We therefore recommend significantly changing your training plan at least every 8 weeks. This is will pose no problem as the included manual is packed full of different exercises precisely illustrated and explained.

Another big advantage of Bio Force and its integrated cable system is that it lets you train specifically for your sport of choice. Whether you play ball, compete in track and field events or practice martial arts, the Bio Force lets you strength train in all three dimensions. The cable-pulling system does not restrict you to linear movements such as pushing, pulling, flexing or extending, but allows you to work out with loads of different starting positions and angles. This way you can bring the handles into different pulling positions to adapt the exercises to your specific sport so you can train effectively for sport-specific motions such as throwing, shooting or stroking. Upper body rotations combined with knee flexing or core-stabilizing exercises with lunges make training function-oriented and adapted to a specific sport, helping you improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury. Because his body is better at withstanding the oncoming forces, a soccer player with a stable upper body is less likely to sustain an injury when fouled, for example, than an unevenly trained player. During rehabilitation, joint-stabilizing exercises can also accelerate the healing process, while reducing the risk or re-injury.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a recreational or competitive athlete or have a lot of time or are on a tight schedule, the Bio Force multi-gym is the solution for anyone looking for a versatile and highly effective training machine for the home. With its compact dimensions and absence of heavy weight stacks, it fits in any apartment and provides comfortable, virtually silent training.

Athletes are at the peak of their physical abilities between the ages of 20 and 30. As early as the late 20s or early 30s, muscle strength starts to gradually decrease each year in athletes as well as in most people unless counteracted by appropriate strength training. The lack of intensive movement in athletic and everyday activity and later hormonal changes as well result in many cases in a gradual loss of muscle mass and thereby strength. And because each movement of the human body is facilitated by tensioning and relaxing of muscles, this process has far-reaching consequences: movements become less powerful and precise, while bones are subjected to less strain and therefore lose mass. The loss of muscle mass results in a drop in daily caloric consumption (resting metabolic rate) that is frequently the cause of a gradual weight increase when diet stays the same. It’s therefore important to nip this process at the bud. This can be done through a form of training known as primary prevention, which is aimed at lowering the risk of diseases and injuries in advance.

Strength training is cross training

And we have the perfect training tool – Bio Force. It’s the ideal all-around machine for the home. Its compact design, virtually silent operation and intuitive setup provide optimal training comfort. If that’s not enough, the integrated cable-pulling system offers an almost infinite variety of exercise, letting you customize your training. You can embark on health-oriented whole-body strength training just as easily as you can pursue goal-oriented strength training to improve your performance in your sport of choice. Healthy cross training to counteract unilateral loads in sports or everyday life is also no problem on the Bio Force multi-gym with its 100+ exercise options and bilateral resistance control.

Strength training keeps you fit

In addition to the gradual loss of muscle mass and strength already addressed, the body also undergoes several other changes. In many people the job stress and lower activity level in their 40s combine to raise their blood pressure, cholesterol and/or resting heart rate. It’s a proven fact, however, that adequate exercise frequently has a positive influence on these three parameters. Elevated blood pressure can be returned to normal through “soft” strength training with lots of reps, low resistance and proper breathing technique. Elevated cholesterol, which is frequently a symptom of not enough physical activity and the wrong diet, generally drops with the right amount of exercise. A long term rise in resting heart rate can be caused by many factors. It can generally be attributed to either poor endurance, i.e. the cardiovascular system’s inability to adequately supply the body with blood and oxygen, or simply long-term elevated stress level. This is where strength training on Bio Force can also help. The ability to escape from your daily routine in a workout or to end a stressful day with a convenient, hassle-free training unit at home helps clear your head. Above all, strength training releases a host of hormones that leave you feeling good and make your body more resistant to stress. As a result you’ll be better equipped to meet the challenges of your job or daily routine, and your body will be stronger and more capable.

To ensure good health and a well-functioning body even later in life it’s necessary to incorporate regular strength training into your life as early as possible to retain muscle strength, reduce stress and increase the body’s resistance

Cycling, swimming or Nordic walking – these are some of the most popular recreational activities especially among seniors. They enjoy the reputation of improving your health and helping you feel better. While pursuing these activities undoubtedly has many positive effects, each lacks one critical factor – strength! In addition to endurance training, which keeps the cardiovascular system fit, performing regular strength training is an important key for remaining fit and capable especially during your later years. Despite the subjective impression that swimming or biking strengthens muscles, these sports very rarely provide the adequate stimulation necessary for significantly increasing muscle power. With strength training, it’s a different story. Performing properly prescribed strength training exhausts the muscles so much that they’re built up even stronger after a short regenerative phase. Regular endurance training should therefore always be combined with regular strength training especially in your later years.

Strength training retains power and muscle

This is where Bio Force excels above all! This training tool for the home combines all the positives for optimal strength training. Instead of conventional heavy weight stacks, Bio Force uses nitrogen cylinders that let you fine-tune resistance level. The simple slide-and-lock mechanism can be operated with a single hand and eliminates the tedious process of changing weights. Plus, training is virtually silent, making the Bio Force your best choice for the home. Integrated cable-pulling system makes way over 100 different exercises possible, which are all clearly illustrated and explained in the included manual, ensuring that your training will never just stay the same. The loads of different exercise options also let you adapt your training precisely to your individual needs. This way you can embark on a health-oriented program to strengthen all of your muscles just as easily as you can start a wide range of physical therapy exercises.

Strength training prevents osteoporosis

The primary goal of strength training in your later years should be to improve or retain muscle strength, since strong muscles are the alpha and omega of coping with everyday challenges. Standing up from a dining chair, carrying shopping bags up four flights of stairs or lifting heavy objects over your head undoubtedly place heavy strains on your muscles, tendons and joints. This is where strength training can also help. Stronger muscles increase tension on tendons and bones, which can stop or even reverse the aging-related loss of bone mass known as osteoporosis. This way bones become strong and resilient again. Additionally, the ability to maintain balance is determined in large part by strong leg muscles. Strength training plays a key role in preventing falls by promoting the body’s ability to execute evasive maneuvers and catch itself. Regular strength training is thus plays an important role in injury and disease prevention and helps promote long-lasting health.

Strength training increases caloric consumption

It’s not just the immediate effects that make regular strength training such a potent tool. It’s also highly valued by doctors and health experts for its role in weight reduction, where it forms a one-two punch with diet change. Adding muscle mass increases resting metabolism, i.e. the amount of energy the body consumes during rest. Added muscle elevates activity level, thereby increasing caloric consumption. This makes regular training on Bio Force multi-gym the right choice for anyone who wants to lose weight and above all keep it off permanently.

Women Specific Training for

For many women, a slim, toned body is a training goal. But what exactly does “body toning” entail? There are two parts. First, body toning involves reducing body fat percentage, with the subcutaneous fat, i.e. fat directly below the skin, being the focus. However, fat reduction alone is not enough. This would give you a lean, but not toned body. Strengthening your muscles is therefore an essential and indispensable part of body toning that should not be neglected. Strong muscles make the whole body “tighter”. This realization has really caught on, evidenced by the increasing number of women incorporating regular strength training in their daily routine. Adding lean body mass through strength training also increases resting metabolism, allowing the body to burn more calories than before even during rest. For this reason, doctors and health experts alike recommend adding regular strength training to your regimen for lasting and stable weight loss. However, many women still believe that training on bulky machines with heavy weights is no fun and is not suited for most women’s fitness goals. It doesn’t have to be like this.

With 100+ exercise options, Bio Force is guaranteed to keep your training varied and help you meet your goals. The integrated cable-pulling system makes this variety possible. Bio Force makes the monotonous and one-dimensional movements of most machine exercises a thing of the past. Instead it lets you attach the handles to countless positions so you can move in all dimensions. This makes your training much more free and body-sculpting and lets you adapt it precisely to fit your goals. Fun and motivation will increase, and you’ll see results. Are you looking for tight glutes, slender legs or strong arms? No problem with Bio Force and the cable exercises illustrated in the included handbook! Another major plus of Bio Force is its innovative TNT resistance system. This technology replaces heavy weight stacks with nitrogen-charged cylinders that allow you to easily fine-tune training resistance in 2.25-kg increments. The intuitive slide-and-lock mechanism makes changing resistance a snap, eliminating the tedious task of changing heavy weights and saving you time better devoted to training.

Of course, training isn’t just for looks. Strength training also has a lot of health benefits that you’ll definitely see. In addition to improving various bodily parameters such as resting heart rate, cholesterol level or blood pressure, regular strength training is critical for postmenopausal women. During menopause, a woman’s estrogen level drops, while the body simultaneously loses calcium, which is stored primarily in the bones. Doctors estimate that roughly 30% of all postmenopausal women are affected by this trend, causing them to continuously lose bone density. Known as osteoporosis, this process can have unpleasant consequences such as significantly elevated risk of fracture (hip fracture), postural problems and chronic back pain. The good news: Properly prescribed strength training on the Bio Force multi-gym can counteract this process. When subjected to intensive loads through strength training, bones come back stronger and denser than ever. Of course, it’s always best to start training as early as possible before you experience any significant bone loss at all.

Strength training reduces stress

In addition to having aesthetic and health benefits, regular training will help you feel better all around. Intensive training releases different hormones (e.g. serotonin) that leave you feeling good and increase your resistance to stress, benefitting your body tremendously. You’ll have more strength and energy, feel better mentally and physically and be more active.

Bio Force® Circuit Training with

Circuit training with the Bio Force multi-gym

Are you looking for a workout that strengthens all muscles, sculpts your body and is never dull? Then you want circuit training! This strenuous workout that many know from their school years is valued today as an effective power training tool. The system joins the different fitness links into a solid chain. It’s high time that its many advantages are used in home workouts.

What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a strength training and conditioning program with participants completing different stations consecutively. Depending on the design and focus of a circuit training program, a certain number or reps or time is prescribed per station. It’s a rapid-fire course where you go virtually non-stop from one station to the other. And another thing. It’s not over ’til it’s really over. You complete one circuit and then hop back on for another.

The stations are designed so that each station trains one main muscle group. The next exercise targets another muscle group, allowing the muscles you just worked to recover. Eliminating breaks keeps your heart rate consistently high, allowing the body to burn loads of calories. This way you get both strength training and cardio.

Circuit training also saves you time, since you perform just a few select exercises during a training unit. Of course you can mix it up in your next session to keep your circuit training varied and challenge your muscles with new exercises.

All-in-One: Bio Force multi-gym

By letting you do all exercises – no matter how different they may be, the versatile Bio Force multi-gym is flat-out the best equipment for circuit training at home. It saves you space and money that you’d spend on loads of different fitness equipment. You can do your entire circuit training – arms, legs and core – just on the Bio Force.

To help you get started with effective circuit training at home, we’ve created a sample circuit for the Bio Force. Of course you can adapt the circuit to fit your preferences and training goals.

Performing circuit training

Warm up before starting the circuit to get your blood flowing and your body ready for what’s to come. Jog in place for 5 minutes or use a jump rope. You can also warm up using any cardio equipment such a stationary bike or elliptical trainer.

For each exercise, set resistance so that you can properly complete 15 reps. Plan 4 seconds per rep. If the exercise works just one side, then switch to 15 reps on the other side before proceeding with the next exercise.

After completing the last exercise, start over again and do a total of 3 rounds. Advanced users can optionally do 5 rounds.

To cool down, walk in place at a moderate pace. This lets your heart rate slowly return to normal and your muscles to rid themselves of waste products.